Monday, March 30, 2009

It's been awhile, and, wow, have things changed!

My beautiful baby boy, Jaden Timothy, arrived on December 27, 2008, at 6:03 in the morning. While I am sure the actual labor process was difficult, I have nothing but good memories of the hours leading to my son's arrival, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. When people ask me how my labor was, I tell them it was "fun". Really! God is good.

Jaden has absolutely changed my life, and while it is difficult to be a single mom, I am very grateful for the blessing I have in Jaden. He truly is an answer to my prayers, and I cherish every moment with him. I do not believe our children belong to us. They belong to God, and we are just stewards of His handiwork. I feel tremendously privileged to be given the opportunity to guide and nurture this beautiful little being.

God has worked mightily to protect Jaden and me as I divorced Jaden's father. Our divorce was finalized on March 10, and the outcome of custody decisions made by friend of the court are so unusual, many people are amazed when I tell them. A typical situation is to have joint physical and legal custody of the child, with parenting time established for the non-custodial parent. I knew that this would in no way be in Jaden's best interests, and he would not be at all safe with his father. Throughout my entire pregnancy, I prayed for Jaden's protection, trusting God to orchestrate circumstances that would be nothing less than miraculous in protecting this child He had given to me.

As the months passed, I heard nothing from Jaden's father. He did not even ask to be informed of Jaden's birth. When I met with my friend of the court caseworker, she indicated that she had received no response from him in regard to court mailings. He did not show up for hearings. He had moved out of the state, in fact. My caseworker told me that she doesn't usually do it, but given Jaden's father's history, his lack of interest/involvment, his distance from us, and so forth...she was recommending I have SOLE CUSTODY. No shared physical or legal custody! Furthermore, Jaden's father's parenting time is held in reserve. If he wants to see Jaden, he will need to petition the court for time. Additionally, it is stipulated that his parenting time will be supervised.

As Jaden's father did not contest this recommendation, it went into the Judgment of Divorce, and it is permanant now. God has worked amazingly to protect my son, and given us great favor. Jaden is safe and sound, and my heart is at peace.

God has provided for us amazingly in very practical ways, too. In the last several months, we have been given everything from diapers to a car...there is no need that we've had that has gone unmet. I have seen God's handiwork in even the most minute aspects of our lives, and I am endlessly grateful.

My sweet little baby is sleeping in perfect peace right now, and I look at him with awe and wonder, amazed that I have been given such a gift. Life takes a lot of unexpected, and sometimes unpleasant, twists and turns, but I know that God always has a plan...and His plans are always perfect.

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