Thursday, April 07, 2005

Nothin' much

I just got back from Oasis a little while ago, and I am always so blessed by the time I spend with my Oasis family.

I love these people. They challenge me to see beyond myself. They challenge me to be still and listen, to reach out when I feel like closing myself up, to put myself on the back burner and make someone else my priority.

I am challenged to grow and stretch and move beyond what I know.

Moving beyond what I know...That's a hard thing to do at times. Especially when what you know is silly little feelings that you are afraid to speak of, lest you feel the sting of rejection, and yet situations change and you feel like if you don't share those feelings RIGHT NOW, you will never be able to.

And yet, I can be still. All things are in God's hands. All things.

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