Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sweet song of salvation

Okay, so my cooking for Oasis did not go as expected. I had such grand plans, and worked so hard on making those plans a reality. After getting home from work and taking a short "play break" with my niece, I went right to work preparing the food for tomorrow.

I should start first by mentioning the one item I DID NOT buy while at Wal-Mart...A cake leveler. This cake leveler costs all of $2.50, or thereabouts, and I thought it was just a bit too much money to spend, considering all the other things I had to purchase.

What I would not have given for a cake leveler earlier this evening.

All was going well...I put the cake batter in two perfectly greased and floured cake pans, putting them in the oven for the appropriate amount of time. Half an hour later, they came out of the oven, baked to perfection. After a few more steps, it was time to frost the first layer of the cake, then ever so carefully put on the top layer and frost that. all started falling apart before I even had it frosted. It began with a small split at the side, then a split right down the middle. I frantically applied frosting in a futile attempt to hold the cake together, but stronger forces prevailed, and there was nothing more I could do at the moment.

Accepting defeat for the moment, I placed the cake in the refrigerator and went upstairs to see my family, and asked my sister to accompany me back to my apartment to view the disaster, and see if she could salvage it.

Carefully removing the cake from the refrigerator, my sister looked at it as carefully as a surgeon might examine the patient on whom she is about to do surgery. After a moment' s consideration, she calmly said, "It can be fixed."

There was hope yet! All my hard work would not be in vain!

She went on..." I've had to do this before. You use frosting to keep the cake together and even it out. It means kind of a lot of frosting on the cake, but that's okay. Who doesn't like a lot of frosting?"

And what a stroke of genius that was!

My mother had a can of Betty Crocker Whipped White Frosting, and it suited the situation perfectly. It spreads easily, so could not do more damage to the struggling confection, and it's flavor blended well with what was already on the cake.

My cake looks pretty darn good now, despite the inch and a half of frosting holding it together. Tomorrow, I am going to garnish the cake with some orange slices (it's an orange cream cake), and make it look a little prettier. However, I am happy to say that the cake emergency has been defused.

I also made a pasta salad, using one of my mom's recipes, and that turned out wonderfully. It looks and tastes very normal, and I think people will enjoy it before they are sent into a sugar shock from my cake.

In all fairness, I did send out an email to the Oasis crowd, giving them fair warning of the shock inducing confection. Consume at their own risk!

So I am not meant to be a goddess of the kitchen...that's okay. I can write one heck of a blog.

Yeah, by golly!!!
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