Friday, April 29, 2005

Trash and Dreams

Today was our day to clean up Michigan's highways and byways. Our work site adopted a stretch of highway along US 131, and we had the privilege today of cleaning up the myriad of trash that accumulated there over the winter months.

Among the many things we found were old tires, used condoms, dirty diapers, fast food garbage, and a couple of pages from a pornographic magazine.

This I found particularly disturbing, because a quick glance showed that the theme of the magazine was incest. This turned my stomach, and I was all too glad to crumple up the page and toss it into the trash bag with the rest of the garbage.

As I walked along the highway, continuing to pick up pieces of this and that, it occurred to me that such things are what comes of being outside of God's grace. For those who do not know Christ, such things are the natural outcome of attempts to satisfy the "lusts of the flesh", which become increasingly difficult to satisfy with each progression deeper into the snare of various perversions. Apart from God's amazing and infinite grace, expressed in the giving of His Son so we can once again be in a right relationship with Him, there is little that stands between us and the most horrific acts we can conceive of.

There is something humbling in the realization that it is not because of our own goodness that any one of us does not engage in the things that break God's heart, but it is only because of God's grace that we do not give way to the inclination to engage in those things. Some have inclinations that are different and/or more disturbing than others, but we are all prone to sin, and there is no one among us who can say that we do not sin just because we are such goll darn wonderful people that we just never want to sin. To say so would be fooling ourselves, and making a mockery out of Christ's sacrifice for us.

I think our world is becoming sicker and sadder and more disturbing by the day. All I can do is pray that God will give me the grace and strength to walk steadily onward, eyes on Him, and that He will use me to reach others who will hear the Truth.

On to another thought...

As I was out walking with my sister tonight, I became aware of the powerlines overhead. Of course, I'm always aware that they are there, but tonight, I really considered them. The look of them, the current flowing through them.

I often dream about powerlines. At times in my life when I am feeling entrapped by something, some situation I cannot escape from, I have dreams about flying, and being surrounded by powerlines. I dare not fly too high, lest I become entangled in them. I try to fly around them or above them, but they seem to reach and stretch farther and higher than I am able to fly. I cannot escape their potentially deadly force.

I also have dreams in which I am flying, but the beautiful landscape I seem to be flying over is actually only a very small room, artfully crafted to give the illusion of rolling green hills and blue skies. I remember one particular dream I had when I felt like I had flown for miles, and was finally far enough away from whatever I was escaping from to truly be free from it, only then to realize I was actually only flying back and forth between one painted section of the room and another.

I have also had dreams in which I am flying from room to room, aware that it is a room and I am desperately seeking an exit, only there is none. Only an endless series of rooms.

I think it is interesting, the two images contrasted against each other. Flying, representing freedom, contrasted against being confined in an inescapable situation.

I have had many of these dreams lately, though I do not recall the specific details. I often wake from these dreams feeling like I can't breathe, as if something is attempting to suffocate me.

I would like to explore more about the psychology of dreams.

All of life is metaphor in Stefanie's world! I enjoyed this.

I have several friends who have explored meanings of dreams. I don't know what powerlines mean...
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