Sunday, May 22, 2005

A couple of things

First, conclusions regarding Herbie:

What sparked all of this? A conversation I had with another male friend of mine last week. We talked for nearly an hour, and the whole time, he looked at me, listened to me, responded to me, and was interested in what I had to say. I have not had a conversation like that with a guy in...well, years. At the end of this conversation, I realized that I was walking away feeling like a real person, interesting enough to engage in real conversation about real things, not feeling like I'd just been "felt up" visually, and my dignity had just been sacrificed on the altar of someone else's perception of me.

Moving on...

Lessons learned from playing Mah Jong Quest on

Great lessons learned form Mah Jong!

And, it sounds like you're thinking clearly about the Herbie situation.
You need to know that it isn't you; it's Herbie's problem... ;) Don't put yourself down or weigh your importance, value, the entire person God created you to be, based on Herbie's hangups. K? If you need to talk, write me sometime. I once knew a Herbie, too. Hindsight will have you being SOOOO glad you moved on, sister! :)
Thanks to both of you :)

I know that Herbie's issues are not mine, nor are my issues Herbie's or anyone else's. Which is why I determined that, rather than drive myself crazy trying to figure out all the whys and wherefores of the situation, it's best just to let it go and move on. :)

And honestly, for the most part, I am completely okay with the conclusions I have reached, bittersweet though they are. Better to realize these things now, rather than continuing to fritter away time and dignity.
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