Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Final Day!

Today was my last day at my job with community mental health. I left early, using the rest of my personal time, lest they should take that from me as well. I had mixed feelings as I made my rounds, saying my goodbyes. On one hand, I am glad to be moving away from something that has proven to be so toxic to me. On the other hand, there are certainly things that I am sad to be leaving behind. I don't think the reality has really hit me yet.

I encouraged the consumers I feel the closest to, to continue in being strong, in standing up for their rights, in asking questions if they think something might be wrong or there are things in their treatment they aren't sure about. Some of these people have amazed me with the progress they have made since I first met them nearly four years ago. I pray it will continue.

My plans for tomorrow are to drop off yet another application, as well as go to the college and register for the rest of my classes for the fall semester. Baby steps in taking hold of my new life.

Everything seems to look brighter, although few things about my situation have changed. I think that's how it is....first you believe, then you see. God's like that.

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