Friday, May 27, 2005

Turn and face the changes

It's a bit early in the day for blogging, but there are a few things on my mind that I would like to put on virtual paper.

I just returned from my job interview, and I think it went well. They are having another round of interviews next week, after which they will call back the candidates they are most interested in. I fully expect to get a call back.

I was very impressed with the people I met today. They seemed very genuine. Very real. They seemed to have the understanding that we're all people with hang ups, and some have just learned how to cope better than others. Of course, it is much bigger than that, but therein lies the essence of what I would like to be doing.

I was asked why I left my last job, and I shared with them a bit about the different philosophies I had, versus those shared by my supervisor and coworkers. They listened, nodded, and then one of them simply said, "Just to let you know, we are ALWAYS looking for ways to make our program better."

That simple statement gave me some confidence that, if I do get this job, I will be among like minded individuals who absolutely refuse to see people simply as a diagnosis. It will be a wonderfully refreshing change.

All in all, I think things went remarkably well this morning. It is all in God's hands, and we'll see what happens from here. Regardless of the uncertainties, this morning was very encouraging.

Hey girl! Now you have got to tell me where that quote came from (regarding the "story")! Maybe you posted it somewhere, but I was not able find it.

I will be praying for you regarding all these new changes in your life.

Funny though how these things work. In one of your past posts, you mentioned that God allows the "crappy times" and -somehow- it is part of His plan. (Something like that.." Anyway, looking back on the times when I thought I was not going to make it through the -seemingly- horrible occurances in my life, I realize I see them strangely different now. Like when I was locked up in the dungeon for almost a year (in my friends basement) - I didn't have any other options at the time. I talked to you about this I believe.(?) I look back with no bad feelings, (except now I have bad feelings about basements!) but the pain and loneliness has been replaced by thankfulness of new friendship and healing. I guess this gives testimony to the promise regarding the locusts! This "new impression" of bad times has happened many times to me. I am not sure if my memory has been altered (hehe) or God just gave me a new perspecive on what He was trying to accomplish! It is interesting to me.
Emme, I think I probably have used that phrase in posts/comments on the tc blog. :)
I'm glad the interview went well. I'll pray, girlie!
Sorry, I just misunderstood you. I thought you said you were going to post it in its entirety on your blog. No biggie. Just curious as always - after I saw it on that person's shirt. I asked Paul about it and he thought it was a quote from somewhere, but couldn't remember either! Anyway, CU at church!
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