Saturday, June 11, 2005

Let there be light!

The power came back on just as I was heading to bed, so I thought I would write a bit about the events of what is now yesterday.

I had the second phase of my job interview for CMH yesterday morning. I think things went well, and they said they are hoping to have a decision by the middle of next week. I was very impressed with the clubhouse, and how the staff interacted with the clubhouse members, and just the overall atmosphere of the clubhouse. It was quite different from what I experienced while working at my last job, and because of this, I realize that I have much to learn if I am hired at this clubhouse. Things are very different there.

On my way home from the interview, I dropped an application off at a gas station. I told them I prefer to work overnights, and this pretty well cinched the deal for me. It's not official yet, but the manager I spoke with today said that if the other manager agrees, I will start training next week.

This job certainly is by no means ideal, and the pay is hardly substantial, but, it is a paycheck, and that is what I am after at this point. If need be, I can do both the CMH job and the gas station job until God brings something better down the line...or until I pass out from exhaustion, whichever comes first. :)

As I said earlier, the power did go out. It was out for about three hours, and it turned out to be a very nice evening because of that. I lit some candles around the apartment, and spent quite a bit of time just reading the Word, and spending time in quiet thought and reflection. It was nice to be able to do those things without the distractions of television or the computer watching over my shoulder, beckoning for my attention. I used to make a habit of basking in the quiet serenity of candlelight, doing my journaling and reading by its gentle glow. It is so much more calming and centering than the harshness of the electric light. I think maybe I should do that more often...just turn off all the distractions, get back to the basics, and just BE.

Sounds peaceful, Marlo. I didn't lose power, but a funnel cloud was sited a few miles southwest of here. Candles and quiet are good. Being is good.
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