Friday, August 26, 2005

The blessing of friends

After Oasis tonight, I realized how very blessed I was to be surrounded by such wonderful friends. These people have been such a tremendous blessing in my life, and I am realizing it more during these trying times.

When I saw Herbie, he told me he was glad I was there, because I am important to him. Having gotten past all the weirdness of having a crush on him, I was so touched by that statement, and once again reminded of what a treasure I have in being able to count him among my friends.

Another friend is giving me a television, after I shared with him that my television and computer got fried in that fateful electrical storm back in June. Another friend has offered to look at my computer and see what he can do to fix it, since he has his own business fixing computers. Another friend told me he would talk to his mom, who is looking for a roommate, about letting me move in with her. He is going to explain my situation to her, and see what can be arranged regarding rent while I get back on my feet. She has a house right in town ("in town" meaning, in the town I would like to move to), and it would be such a huge blessing if that worked out. That alone would open so many doors for me.

There was a new girl there tonight, and she shared with me that she was in my situation about a year ago. She said it took her seven months to find work, and she can relate to how incredibly difficult it is. (Especially in this area, where what you know is secondary to who you know, and if you don't know the right people....) It was good to talk to someone who can understand what it is like to have to let go of everything you thought was yours.

She also gave me an idea for what path I am to pursue in the long run. I have been torn between social work and criminal justice, and she suggested perhaps becoming a social worker who works in the criminal justice system. She mentioned specifically working in some sort of transitional program for those who are just leaving jail or prison, and need assistance in finding jobs, housing, etc...Interesting idea, worth exploring.

I went out to lunch with a friend a couple of days ago, and among the many things we talked about, she shared with me a prayer that she had been praying for herself and her husband in the midst of their search for a house. After experiencing one disappointment after another, she began praying that God would protect them from pursuing fruitless paths. When she told me that, I thought...what a wonderfully awesome and practical prayer!! At the risk of sounding redundant, I was BLESSED by that simple prayer.

I have begun praying that prayer for myself, after several months of pursuing fruitless paths in my search for work. I am also praying that God would open doors according to His will, and close doors that are not in line with what He has for me right now. The doors He opens, no man can close, and the doors He closes, no man can open. There is one specific job I am hoping for right now, working for the county in the probate court. However, if it is not God's will, I'm praying that door would remain shut tight. No more fruitless paths for me.

I have been so incredibly blessed by having some very wonderful people in my life. Not just because of what they do for me, but because of who they are. My life is made richer just by knowing them.

Thanks for the reminder that true friends are a blessing from the Lord.

And ditto about Herbie. He rocks the casbah for Jesus, baby. :)
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