Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Okay, so maybe not...

Well, my new job, which seemed so exciting at first, is actually COSTING me more money than I am making. Math genius that I am, I figured this out today. After calculating the cost of gas, after paying car insurance, my car payment, and so forth, I'm actually only bringing home about $80/week, versus the $90 or so a week I am spending in gas just to get to and from work. Upon realizing this, various bells and whistles sounded in my head, and I concluded that I need to look for work elsewhere.

After several hours of fretting and looking through the paper and concluding that I would probably end up slingin' tater tots at the high school cafeteria, I finally called a gentleman from the church, with whom I had discussed a job opportunity last week. (Yes, I know, a collective sigh of, "Stefanie...Stefanie...when will you learn?") . So, we talked, and I think I pretty much have a job with him...A job that actually offers substantial pay, a job where I will have a Christian as my boss, etc...

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait until I find the place where I am supposed to be, and can settle in to what I am supposed to be doing. This has been a fun ride, but I am ready for it to be over now.

In other news, I have registered for some online courses, and I am very excited about them. Since I am already going through enough difficult transitions in my life, I decided to take some courses I knew I would enjoy, and save some of the more "academic" stuff for later. I am taking Intro to Criminal Justice, and Intro to Cultural Anthropology. Fun electives...Yay!!!

As far as other things go, all is status quo, and life is good. Amen.

Get out - Cultural Anthropology? How cool is that!!

Sounds like a great job opportunity too. What will you be doing?
Yes, cultural anthropology! I am SO excited about this class. You know all those tests they give you in high school, that are supposed to help you decide where your strengths are and what career you should go into? Well...I always scored VERY high in anthropology...go figure. lol

Basically, with this new job, I'll be selling cars, from what I gather. He said my main job will be helping people secure financing, and also following up on leads from the internet. Sounds good to me!
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