Monday, August 15, 2005

So there we were...

Yesterday was wonderful, after my nerves calmed down and I didn't feel like vomiting anymore.

It was nervewracking, thinking of meeting these people who'd heard enough about me that they actually wanted to meet me. I wasn't sure what to expect of them, nor what they were expecting of me. At one point, I told Mister that I would be right back, after I found somewhere to vomit. I did not actually do that, of course, but I did feel as though I could, if I wanted to. :)

His friends are very nice people. Good, solid, real people, and people who love the Lord. And VERY FUNNY! All of which made for a very enjoyable day. I hope to get to know these people better.

After they left, Mister and I had a chance to talk about things as we cleaned up the dishes from dinner. (He washed, I dried, which was perfect.)

We both agreed that we've been curious as to where this whole thing is going. We also both agreed that neither one of us is really in a position right now to begin any kind of a serious relationship, with him focused on starting school, and me focused on just getting my life back together. We laughed as we talked about all the, "So, what's going on with you two?" type questions we've been getting lately. It was also funny that we both consistently answered with, "I don't know". And we both agreed that there is no need to know anything right now, that it is enough that we've been able to spend time together, that we know we enjoy each other's company, we can take our time building our friendship and just seeing where this is going. There are some things that work much better if you just take them slowly, and we'll both know if it's meant to be more than what it is right now.

I am so wonderfully okay with this arrangement! :) It is so nice to have this time just to figure it all out, not feeling pressured into anything, or feeling as though I am with someone who needs me like he needs oxygen, and will die if I'm not there. I so appreciate the fact that he has his own life, his own goals, and his own way of doing things. No smothering me! YAY!

I do not know if I will see him again before he heads back to school. It depends on his work schedule and whatnot. We have agreed to keep in touch, to take our time with things, and just...BE. And, as Pat noted after one of my posts a couple months ago..."Being is good."

Yes it is.

Ah yes - there's nothing like the present. ;)
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