Saturday, August 13, 2005

Things and stuff...

Since my last post, I have started a new job, spent more time with the wonderful gift from heaven I mentioned, and learned valuable lessons along the way....

Where would you like me start? Okay, I'll start with the new job.

I am working for Bluegreen Vacation Club, selling mini-vacations to the Petoskey/Boyne Falls area. I do this over the phone, which makes my job....TELEMARKETING. (At this point, were this an audio feed, I would probably have some music playing such as you would find in "Creature from the Black Lagoon"). Yes, telemarketing...the thing that makes your Saturday mornings complete, interrupts your dinner, and gets you out of bed far too early in the morning to answer the call that you think might be important...

So, how's the job going so far? It's really not that bad. I haven't encountered anyone yet who has been so irritated by my phone call that they have felt the need to swear at me, or make suggestions about things I may do with myself in order to make them feel better. For only being on the job two days, I've established some good leads, and would have even made a sale already, had the person I called believed in credit cards. Oy! Oh well...All in all, the job is not bad, it is a paycheck with potential for commissions, I enjoy the people I work with, and...did I mention that it's a paycheck?

This job is full time with benefits, which was the main attraction for me. I am, however, going to find another part time job to work for a little while, until I am caught up from nearly a whole summer of not being employed. It will be hard, but I'll get through it.

I have concluded that, all things considered, maybe it would not be wise to take on the additional stress of starting classes this semester. I really would like to, but I also have to be realistic about my situation, and the fact that I need to be earning a paycheck moreso than I need to be studying English Composition or American Sign Language right now. I am sad that I can't do the classes...well, sad about the ASL, anyway...but all of these things will come in time.

Regarding Mister...

Tomorrow, he and I are getting together with some friends of his who, he assures me, are excited to meet me. We've been trying to plan this for a couple of weeks now, but with work schedules and such, it's been all but impossible. So, tomorrow is the day...

I am quite nervous about this, I must say. First of all, I've never had someone so "into me" that they've actually taken the time to plan something so I could meet their friends, much less friends who are excited to meet me. Secondly, I'm not sure what this means, if anything. As I said, this is uncharted territory for me.

I am glad, though, that he and I have both made it clear since the beginning that we don't want any guessing games. We both agreed early on that we hate dating, because it seems like one big game, and it's better to just lay it all out on the table so there is no room for misinterpretation. There just comes a point where playing the game isn't fun anymore, and you just get too old for that stuff. So, with that in mind, I'm sure he and I are going to talk at some point about what happens when he leaves for school, where do "we" go from there, etc...

He stopped in to see me at work a couple of days ago, which I thought was so very sweet. Again, something new.

When I think of my past relationships, I have to say that there is not one among them in which I was healthy, or the man I was with was healthy. After my last relationship ended a couple of years ago, I decided that I just needed some time to heal, to get healthy, to get grounded in Christ, and let Him make me whole before I made room in my life for another person again. It has only been within this past year that I have even had an interest in dating again, and even then, my interest has been very limited.

I think that is what is making this whole thing even sweeter...I am enjoying having this time to spend with Mister, getting to know him, nurturing this budding relationship, but, my life and being does not depend on it. I know it is still much too early to know where this is going, and I am completely okay with that. I don't need all the answers right now, I've got my own life going on, and I don't feel the need or desire to cling to him in order to have purpose and value in my life. He has his own life to live as well, and does not need me to provide him with direction, purpose, or value. It is wonderful!

Yes, God is good, and He loves us very much. I am seeing it more every day, even when it is because of His love that I have to reap what I've sown, and life has to be difficult for awhile. Even in this, there is great love, and I am so thankful for it.

Hey, I saw a news report last night that said legitimate telemarketing firms were happy about the "do-not-call" list because now the leads they have are more likely to be good ones! Good luck with the new job.

Amazing how God is providing joy along your way.

Suggestion: consider online classes. When you get your computer back and can investigate student loans. Time will fly by and you'll wonder why you didn't make it a priority.
Actually, Pat, I am looking into online classes for this semester. My sister has a computer I can use, I'll just have to get my land line phone back.

I didn't see any available right now, but I'm going to check back in a week or so, because people will likely drop some classes and make room for ME! :)

I do like my job, but after doing the math, I'm really not making much money. With gas up here being in the neighborhood of $2.70/gal, and with having to drive about 30 miles to get to work, I'm not bringing home much of a paycheck.

HOWEVER, I do have an interview tomorrow for a job right across the street from my That would be WONDERFUL! We'll see how it goes. Either way, I am grateful.
Groovy! I'll pray.

Intro to Criminal Justice and Intro to Cultural Anthropology...

I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to these classes! And I can do them in my jammies...yay! lol
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