Sunday, October 30, 2005


After I remembered how to breathe normally again, and recalled that it is probably not wise to panic with every change of the wind, I decided to stay the course and take the pre-licensing class I originally intended to take. When I could think clearly again, I concluded I would take that class, and buy or borrow supplemental books to cover the information not covered in the class.

My manager said she would check around and find students who took the Lansing courses, and see if I could borrow their books. This particular insurance company seems pretty good about agents helping each other out, so I don't think it will be a problem to get ahold of some books.

I started my course yesterday, and took the quiz for my first module today. I scored an 86%. That's not bad. The course only requires a 70% on each quiz for successful completion, so I'm off to a good start. My goal is to complete the total course within two weeks, get my license as quickly as I can, and dive right into this new career.

As I realize I am moving on to something much better than what I have now, it is becoming more difficult to be content with what I have now. But, I keep bringing to mind the reality that I do not do my job for the sake of my employer, or even for my own sake, but I do it to the glory of God. If I can do this piddly little job well, and do it well even though it doesn't even pay me enough to pay the bills, God will honor it. He promises that if we are faithful in the little things, He will make us faithful with much. So, I work to keep my attitude in check, to remember who I work for, and to keep in mind that the world is watching.

It is late...though an hour earlier than usual, really...and I'm weary from a migraine, from which I am just recovering. It has been with me all day, and it's been an utter beast. Time to relax, now that it is leaving me.

Pat, where have you been? And how did the window glazing go?

Sorry! I've been busy and sick. I picked up some crud that wiped me out for the weekend and provoked my boss to send me home early today. Bummer, because my weekends are home improvement days, and with the weather getting colder I'm getting a bit nervous. Which is perhaps why I became ill...

Anyway, my art glass has not yet arrived, so I haven't glazed the uppers yet. Hopefully this weekend.

I'm excited about your new direction - or your revealed direction! 86% is a B, right? Pretty darn good for a pretest!
Yes, I believe 86% is a B. I can't get used to grades without letters. In my college courses, we don't even get a percentage to work with...just a 3.0 or what have you. What does that even mean??? Give me a LETTER!!! lol

I will keep you, your health, and your home improvement projects in prayer. I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

In the meantime, get off the computer and get some rest. lol
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