Friday, October 28, 2005

Climbing the walls

I had another appointment today with AFLAC. This time, with my district sales manager. The meeting went well, and I am still very excited about this job, but I did become aware of something that is a little unsettling.

Apparently, the course I have chosen to take to prepare for the state licensing exam has a high failure rate. The reason being, the course is prepared out-of-state, and does not cover all the material covered on the state exam. My district manager took the course, received high scores on all her quizzes throughout the course, but when she went to take the exam, it read like a foreign language because there was so much material that wasn't covered.

She suggested that I go to Lansing to take the weekend course that is offered, and take my exam the following week. She said there is a much lower failure rate with that course, it takes less time, and I can start earning money sooner. All of which makes sense.

However, that course is about $160 more expensive. It was a stretch for me to even consider $125, and the idea of coming up with more than twice that many funds for the course alone seems next to impossible. Apart from the course, I would also have to pay for gas to get to Lansing, food, lodging, etc...It will cost me $500+ to go down for the weekend and take the course, plus the cost of gas, go back down and take the exam.


Of course, by the time I pay for the cheaper course, and perhaps the cost of repeating the exam two or three times until I pass, it will average to be about the same cost. So, it makes sense to just take the more expensive course and get it out of the way so I can actually begin earning money.

But where am I going to get that kind of money? With my current earnings, it would take me about six weeks to save that much money. Not a long time, but too long a time for this.

I have considered that, if I were to respect my budget constraints and take the cheaper course, it is well within God's ability to ensure that I know what I need to know in order to pass the exam. God knows what is going to be covered on the exam, and He knows what material is covered in the course. It is not impossible that He could provide me with the resources to fill in the gaps.

I am so close to something that is going to change my life, it would be a shame to let a few hundred dollars keep me from doing this.

I need wisdom. I am not sure what to do. Do I forego the cheaper course? If I do that, I have to tell my manager when I am going to be doing the courses in Lansing, which is hard to do when I have no idea when I'll even have the money. Do I go ahead and take the cheaper course, and trust that God will enable me to pass the exam?

I am too tired to look it up...but there is a verse in Psalms in which David says..."By my God, I can leap over a wall."


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