Monday, October 10, 2005

Days like this...

I've been in a blue funk for several days now....Feeling fat, ugly, utterly unworthy, undesirable, and un....anything good.

I'm not sure why I've felt this way. Just feeling like I don't measure up, somehow, to the unwritten standard men have for women...I'm not thin or beautiful like the "Desperate Housewives". I do not possess whatever quality it is a woman must have in order to make a man want to know her beyond the superficial elements. Whatever it takes, I don't have it.

But, I am consoled by knowing that men old enough to be my father find me interesting. Men who are planning on getting drunk want me there with them. And, finally, men with severe mental disorders find me irresistable!

All in all, not bad, I guess....

Ah! I've had that problem all my life!!

Really, when it comes to measuring up, it's a slimy trap we fall into when we feel we haven't acheived that elusive "something" that makes us desired by someone good. It's a joy robber with only one cure - remembering who God says we are.
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