Friday, October 21, 2005

I love it when a plan comes together

So, I went to see the regional sales director for the insurance company yesterday, and I have decided to become a licensed insurance agent and sell for that company.

I am SO EXCITED about this! This is going to absolutely change my life, in ways I am sure I cannot even begin to imagine right now. I believe that this is where God is leading and His blessing is all over this. The timing of the things that transpired to lead me to this point...even the precise timing of specific conversations that lead to my meeting specific people...was absolutely God-ordained.

There is a fee for the licensing class...$125...and that is presenting a bit of an obstacle. However, I am looking at it as just one more opportunity for God to demonstrate His faithfulness. I know He will provide the financial means for me to get my license, and won't leave me broke and begging. I eagerly await seeing His means of provision this time!

If nothing else, the last few months have taught me that God always has a plan, that He is working even in moments that we do not seem to see anything happening. I have believed all along that God has been working in ways I could not see, and now I am seeing the fruit of that faith. All this time, He was orchestrating events and placing people to lead me into something that is already better than I could have imagined.

The area where the regional director is going to have me start is a region that has been almost untouched, as far as new accounts are concerned. It was explained to me that the agents working in that area are focusing on existing accounts, earning money on renewals and whatnot. This means that all the new businesses moving to that area...and there are several...have not been approached. Which means, the market is wide open for a new agent to go in there and start building a customer base by selling to the new businesses. YAY!

So, it is important that I get my license soon. The sooner the better. Yet, I know that God is never late, and whatever means He uses to fund the licensing class, I know it will come at just the right time.

My head is still spinning from all of this. After my meeting with the regional sales director yesterday, I began thinking about how my life is going to change once I get the ball rolling. Imagine, having enough money to pay off my debts, and save for a place of my own, a better car, etc...and all the while, not feeling financially strained in doing so. It will take me some time to get to that point, but it will happen. As I considered this, I could hardly comprehend it.

Of course, my dad has other ideas. He is skeptical. Discouraging. It has been difficult to feel so excited about something, then have my dad say, "Well, we'll see...." I am encouraged, though, by stories of other agents whose parents or whomever had the very same reaction, and they were able to show them that their career move was very well worth any perceived risk. So, I'm keeping my head up, eyes ahead, and remembering all that lead me here.

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