Tuesday, November 22, 2005


As it turns out, the court did not see things in quite the same light as my sister. Parenting time is to resume as ordered, as of Wednesday. Meaning, my little niece, utterly unable to defend herself, is going to be going to her father's house for three overnight visits a week. This child will continue to be subjected to an environment that is, by all appearances, unhealthy and possibly dangerous for her, and the court does not care.

My niece has been evaluated by a child psychologist, who says there are clear indicators that something traumatic happened to her around nine months old. That was about the same time she began overnight visits with her father. Since then, she has been consistently underweight, has been slow in her development in some areas, has come home with suspicious bruising, etc...and the court DOES NOT CARE. They continue to send that child back into the lion's den, and the only thing that will change that is if she comes home so broken and beaten that they can't argue that it was anything but abuse. When presented with the testimony of the child psychologist today, the referee at the hearing said she did not care what the psychologist said, she didn't believe in it so it didn't matter.

I am disgusted by our court system. It sickens me on a level I can't even begin to express. They do not care about the interests of the child, until something so terrible happens to the child that the court has no choice but to step in.

I know God is a just God. I know He is the defender of the helpless. What I cannot understand is why, even after so much, He allows this to continue. Those of us who love my niece and want only to protect her are made out to be the bad guys, and her father and his cronies, whose interest in my niece is only in proportion to their desire to hurt my sister, continually get away with whatever they set their mind to do.

My niece's father has not seen her in three weeks. When asked if he would like to see her today, he declined, saying he could wait until Wednesday.

That alone speaks volumes.

God, what are You doing?

My sister has gone through a similar circumstance with her older children - not physical abuse but horribly manipulative. The kids left her for their dad, and court could/did not help. I know she at times asked those same questions of God. All we can do is pray, defend when possible, and love. She's seeing some good fruit from that now, but it was one humdinger of a faith walk.
Praying for your family.
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