Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, I took my exam this morning. And I failed. Only by two questions, but I failed nonetheless. That state doesn't care if you fail by two questions or twenty, if you don't make it, you just don't make it.

It was quite a disappointment, and I spent much of the drive home thinking about it. Two little questions were all that stood between me and obtaining my license. It was so frustrating. Maddening, really.

I called a couple of friends, neither of whom were available to take my call at the time. That didn't offer much encouragement, nor did it make the drive home any easier. I just wanted someone to talk to...

As it turned out, though, the solitude was probably good for me. When I arrived home, I was so determined that I would not let two little questions get the better of me, I immediately got on the phone and reserved a spot to take the exam on November 30th, then called and reserved my hotel room. I have fourteen days to study my material again, so next time, I can kick those two little questions' butts.

I am still a little bummed about the whole thing, but I am making the effort to look at the positive elements of this. I now have a better idea of what I can expect on the exam, so I know where to focus my studies. I have a better idea of how to get where I need to go in Lansing, which is no small feat for this small town girl, so my next trip will be less stressful and much more relaxing. All in all, though I may be tempted to think otherwise, this trip was fruitful and will only make my next trip that much easier.

I think God is continuing to stretch me, challenging me to trust Him with the things that just don't make any sense from our perspective.

Wow - good for you! Kick those questions butts, girl!

If when it gets down to the wire you need a free place to stay, I'm one hour away from Lansing.
Thank you so much!! I will let you know if I need to take you up on that offer. :)
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