Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Now where was I...?

Okay, so it has been nearly a week since I passed the exam. Life since then has been very busy, and I have had little time or energy to post.

I signed my contract with Aflac last Thursday. This morning, I met with my manager, then spent the afternoon calling various businesses in the area, introducing myself and asking if I may send the owner some information about my business. My business. Yikes. This is scary.

I've never envisioned myself as a business owner. I've always wanted to be my own boss, but never really saw that I would be able to do it. This is dream, finally realized.

I am praying now that God will lead me to the right businesses. Being my own boss is great and all, but without people to actually write business with, it doesn't do much for my income. I am praying for good leads, receptive business owners, and a healthy income to begin very soon. I am praying that God will give me the district. :) (If I'm going to dream, it's going to be big.)

As for my school work, it has suffered greatly in all of this. I just do not have the time to give to it that I did at the beginning of the semester. On one hand, I feel badly about it, because I do not believe in doing anything half-heartedly. On the other hand, I am investing my time in more pressing matters.

I have concluded that I am not cut out for school. I think I've been out of the academic loop too long, and getting back into the swing of it has not agreed with me at all. I do not do well with such rigid structure, unless the structure is done on my terms.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the remainder of the semester. It is only a couple more weeks, but in those two weeks, I have Sales School to complete, cold calling to learn, appointments to make and keep....Some people are very good at spinning plates. I am not. I never have been. Especially when I've gotten to the point of not caring too much if one of my plates falls.

I had an uneasy feeling about starting classes this semester. I should have gone with that.

Still, aside from that, this is a very exciting time. I can hardly wait to get through Sales School so I can get rockin' and rollin' on making sales.

I'm glad God has lead me here. I think I am in for a greater adventure than I can even imagine.

Wow - so much happening! Be encouraged about school. You can finish the two weeks, just not perfectly. It's not the most important thing happening, so it won't get the best of your energy.
(When the time comes, I highly recommend online education for your lifestyle and your temperament.)
Praying for your region!
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