Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My, what a big God we have!

You know, I love the way God works. When you least expect it and are not at all looking for it, He pours out amazingly wonderful blessings.

After the disappointment with my fellow agent last week, I really was unsure of what would happen next. I need field training, but with my district sales coordinator being so busy, I was not sure how I would get that accomplished. Still, I pressed on, holding tight to the faith that God was in control, and He would continue to guide my steps.

At a meeting last week, I met up with the agent who first introduced me to Aflac 10 years ago. He didn't seem to remember me, which was okay, because it had been several years. That's to be expected.

We had another meeting today, and he was there. We made small talk, much like at the last meeting, and I carried on with my day when the meeting was over.

Shortly after returning home, I got a call from my district sales coordinator. She told me that the agent said he would take me under his wing and field train me. She said he agreed to do this because he finally remembered me from so many years ago, and was actually embarrassed that he didn't recall my face sooner. He agreed to take me out into the field for cold calling, presentations, enrollments, etc...and to take little or none of my commission during training. My district sales coordinator told him that I was already doing well, but could do better with help from a veteran agent, and that I was definitely going to be a great agent when my training was complete. I was pleased to hear this, of course. And I was elated to be offered the help, and to realize that God is continuing to bless this path.

My goals are becoming a reality. It is quite feasible now that I could be moved up to Petoskey by late spring/early summer, if not sooner. I feel that God has indeed made a way, and I will be stepping into the next season of my life very shortly. I feel blessed and terrified all at the same time.

And it is just like God to do it like this. To ask you to take a path that defies all conventions, operating solely on faith, and then to bless that path beyond your imagination.

Amen, girlie!
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