Friday, January 13, 2006

Wonders never cease

Just when I start to feel a little discouraged, God brings a new level of amazing to this whole journey.

I had a meeting with my district sales coordinator today, and she told me that she would like me to consider participating in the "coordinator in training" program within the next few months. She said I will not be eligible for it until I've been with Aflac for six months, and there are certain sales requirements I'll need to meet, but she sees me as someone who is well suited to be a district sales coordinator.

All of this is even more amazing because she went on to say that, in her two years as a coordinator, she had not yet nominated anyone for the program because she had not had a quality new agent...until I came along.

She has apparently already discussed this at length with the regional director, and they are in agreement that I am well suited for taking on a management position in the future. She believes I will have no problem meeting the sales and group requirements, and that I will be well on my way within the next couple of months.

Needless to say, this is an exciting time for me. It seems that as soon as my faith starts to waver just the tiniest bit, God brings along another sign to remind me that He has brought me here, He is directing my path, and I do not need to worry about what tomorrow may bring...He's already got it taken care of.

This is indeed a season of change for me, and I am excited to see what He has in store.

How exciting! You've barely gotten your feet wet and already your abilities are appreciated. What a wonderful change from your last position where you had to run on your own steam with no support or encouragement from your boss. It's like God keeps giving you little kisses!
I know!!! I am constantly amazed by the ways in which God continues to bless this journey!!! All I had to do was take that initial step of faith, and He has already blessed this path in ways that have far exceeded what I could imagine.

My goal is to be moved up to Petoskey by Easter Sunday, as that is when the new church is having its official opening. I firmly believe that it is because I've given God the glory throughout all of this that He has so tremendously blessed this path, and I believe it will not be long until He moves me into the next phase...a whole new season in my life.
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