Sunday, February 19, 2006

Family Friendly?

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One of my niece's favorite movies is Snow White. It is her movie of choice for watching just before bedtime, and I have to say there is nothing better than snuggling up with her to watch the movie, and having her fall asleep in my arms. She is an angel!

However, I am concerned about the messages this movie is sending her. From start to finish, this movie is chock full of all sorts of...questionable...behaviors and situations.

Let me name a few:

1. Conspiracy to commit murder

The Queen contrives with her huntsman to kill Snow White, and asks him to bring her Snow White's heart in a trinket box.

2. Breaking and Entering

Snow White is instructed by the huntsman to run away and never return. In doing so, she comes upon the seven dwarf's cabin, and forcibly enters the premises.

3. Home invasion

The dwarfs are too terrified of her to tell her to leave. The difference between a burglary and a home invasion is the use of terrorization.

4. Assault and Battery

Dopey is repeatedly smacked at various points in the movie.

5. Attempted murder

The poisoned apple...we all know the story.

6. Wrongful Death

Near the end of the movie, the Queen/Witch plummets to her death after falling off the edge of a cliff, to which she was chased after being pursued by the dwarfs. In today's world, the seven dwarfs would be facing seven lawsuits by the witch's estate.

My niece demonstrates no ill behaviors as a result of watching this film. I can tell you in truth that my niece is one of the best behaved children I know. However, it concerns me that all of these things fall under the guise of "children's entertainment". If my niece grows up bullying developmentally disabled kids, I'll know who to blame...And I will come after you, Snow White. I will come after you!

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