Saturday, February 11, 2006

I can't think of anything nearly clever to use as a title for this post, so you will just have to read on without the advantage of foreshadowing.

I cannot remember what I wrote about when I last posted a week or so ago. I wish I could say that amazing things have happened since then, but life has been fairly quiet. And yet not.

Business has not been going well. I knew from the outset that generating business was going to be a challenge, but I had not idea just how many obstacles I would be running into. The fact that I have not yet been properly field trained does not help matters, and I've had accounts slipping through my fingers left and right.

I have an appointment with the owner of a fairly large business next Tuesday. A veteran agent has agreed to come with me to that appointment to show me how he does his presentation, for which I am very grateful. He is a great closer, and I'm hoping we can walk out of that appointment on Tuesday with an account in place.

There are a few other things in the Aflac hopper as well, and I am totally relying on God's favor to secure these accounts for me. Many of the people I talk to have seen Aflac before, and for whatever reason, have not been interested in it. I am asking God for favor with these business owners.

I am doing my best to remain hopeful that this Aflac endeavor will eventually pay off. However, I have concluded that if I do not begin seeing some positive activity very soon, I am going to have to look into other means of bringing home a paycheck. As much as I dread it, it could mean going back to the 9-5 routine, with someone else determining my hours and income. However, as much as I dislike that idea, I do like the idea of an income I can count on.

We'll see how next week goes. That is going to determine a lot.

I am meeting with a girl from the Petoskey group next Monday, to discuss moving in as her roommate. This meeting was supposed to take place last Monday, but due to a series of events, it did not happen. I am somewhat glad for that, though, because this past week has allowed me to learn more about her and her family, and my mind is much more at ease with the idea now.

I am making a point of not worrying about the financial element of the move to Petoskey. God knows, down to the penny, exactly what I will need every day to be able to live there, and He has it under control. I have to remind myself of this constantly, as I taste one disappointment after another with my business. In His time, this business will prosper if it is meant to. If not, it can only mean He has something better for me. He has not abandoned me thus far, and He will not leave me now.

The last seven months have been a journey of faith, and I have no reason to believe that this is going to change now. Clearly, there are still things I need to learn on this journey, and God has greater heights He is taking me too. Lead on, Jesus.

Yes - always more to learn, always room to grow. Sounds like you're on a good road, even though it has some bends in it.
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