Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sleepless in Northern Michigan

So, it's been awhile since my last post. Nothing remarkable has happened, although I've not been able to pull out of this funk quite so easily as I usually do. Lately, I've been feeling like the consolation prize. Or, even less than that. Maybe some chintzy button or t-shirt you get, just so you don't walk away empty handed. I'm hardly sleeping lately...not falling asleep until four or five in the morning, then getting up to work on my business all day, before crashing into a fitful nap around 5 p.m. This isn't good.

Remember who you are Stephanie - you're God's beloved.
Okay, how about if I remember who you are! I can't believe I misspelled your name. I'm sorry!

I'm praying for you.
No, actually, that is the correct spelling!! It's the legal spelling of my name, and I've had to start using that since I started doing Aflac. It's been a transition, but it's become the customary spelling now.

So, you were right on track, without even knowing it! Cool! :)

Thanks for the prayers!
Absolutely - you've been on my mind a lot and I pray for you every time you come to mind.
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