Wednesday, May 31, 2006


So, I've had to do a lot of eating lately. Of my own words, most especially. Particularly, my own words concerning God's action, or apparent inaction, in my life.

Just yesterday, I told a dear friend of mine that I had given up looking for any sort of jobs that were more professional in nature, and had resigned myself to my lot in life: Performing endless, menial tasks, for little pay, never utilizing my intellect or abilities to their fullest capacity.

I ended my email to him with, "But, you never know. Company XYZ (where I had applied last Friday) migh call tomorrow and change everything."

In stating this, of course, I never really expected it to happen. After all, it was just one more job in a long line of jobs I had applied for, without positive results.

Then, this morning, I received a call from said company, asking me to come in this afternoon for an interview. I had to laugh, and I called my friend to tell him what happened.

It was even more amusing in light of the fact that, only an hour or so earlier, I read an email from him asking me to consider the possibility that maybe...just maybe...God had GOOD things in store for me, not a lifelong drudgery that He knew I would not be happy with. It had never occurred to me to sincerely entertain the possibility that perhaps God had wonderful surprises in store, and it was just a matter of His timing.
At any rate, I went to the interview, and it went amazingly well. Literally everything I said was noted with, "That is great! We need that in the person who will be taking this position."

I also learned that, until last Friday, the internet ad for the job I applied for had received no response. Why is this? Well, for some reason, the job had been listed as being in Ohio. Of course, anyone living in northern Michigan is not going to apply for an administrative job in Ohio. It was only last Friday that they fixed the problem. It was only last Friday that I decided on a whim to check the company's website for jobs, and on another whim, decided to apply for the one and only job listed for this area.

I am working hard not to read signs into every day happenings anymore, but this seems all too coincidental. Perhaps something greater is at work here.

Heck...this job would be flippin' sweet to have!!

All of this is to say, it's been happening more often than not lately that God is allowing me to get to the edge of my despair, wallow in it for awhile, utter notions of His abandonment or detachment, then...amazingly...He sends something my way to show me just how fruitless it is to allow such thinking.

I do wonder at His patience with me. I don't know which is more amazing--His endless patience with me, or my apparent inability to grasp the concept that He has a plan to prosper me, not to harm me, to bring me hope and a future.


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