Thursday, August 10, 2006


I am feeling better today. I've made peace with my humanity, accepted that I'm prone to have shortcomings now and then, despite my best efforts not to, and that I am okay with that. I'm not always going to get things right, and I will never be perfect. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Life keeps moving along, despite my faltering.

I interviewed today for a key position in the fruit drying plant that is opening up in a couple weeks. It is going to be a sort of extension of the juice concentrate plant I've been working at the last few weeks. They are currently in the process of hiring laborers for the new plant, and they are taking the best of the best from cherry season to fill the most desirable positions.

When I first learned of the opportunity to continue on with the company in a full-time, year-round position that offered benefits, I was thrilled just with the idea of not having to look for another job. I had heard rumors that it was not going to be an ideal place to work, in that it would be hot, there would be a lot of "garb" to wear for food safety reasons, and it was not going to be as much fun as it had been the last few weeks. Still, I've been through enough this past year to know that just having a job of any kind is something to be grateful for, so I wasn't going to complain or pass up the opportunity.

As the cherry season came to a close, it was mentioned to me that I was being considered for the Quality Assurance Tech position. I really didn't think a lot of it, because nothing was certain, and there have been a lot of changes happening as the new plant comes together. However, today, I was called in for an interview with the QA Manager, and was given the job. I am very, very happy about this, because it is a secure job, and it is something that will utilize my abilities far more than a job on the production lne would have. There is a lot I need to learn, but I love to learn, so it's all good.

After the interview, the QA Manager and I went to talk briefly with the woman who oversees the hiring being done at both plants. She was the person who recommended me for the job, and when she explained why she thought I would be a good choice, I was surprised.

She explained that she was most impressed by my positive attitude. She said she knew there were a lot of things I had to do and a lot of things I had to put up with during cherry season that weren't a lot of fun, but she never heard me complain. She said I always remained positive and upbeat, willing to do whatever needed to be done, and always had a smile on my face.

Knowing the internal conflict I felt when I first took the job, I was amazed to hear these things coming from her. Yet, I also acknowledge that it is by the grace of God that I was able to maintain such a good attitude throughout the last few weeks. I really did have fun with the job, and I am eager to get back to work next week.

You just never know who is watching you or what they are looking for. You never know how much your attitude alone is going to be a testimony to God's presence in your life.

When I started working there, I decided that if my job was going to be to pull leaves, twigs, and stems out of the cherries as they came down the line, then I was going to be the best leaf-twig-stem puller they had. After a series of events that turned out to be unfortunate for my coworker but a bonus for me, I was given the job of doing inside receiving. I decided I was going to be the best inside receiving clerk they had.

There is no job associated with processing cherries that can really be considered difficult. In fact, it can be very boring at times, because it is very repetitive. You make or break it only by your attitude, and I was determined to make the most out of what God had given me. I had no idea I was being watched, or that what the plant manager was seeing was going to put me in place to fill a key position in the new plant.

I have had the week off, which I have enjoyed. I am going back to work on Monday, not because there is necessarily a lot of work to do just yet, but they want to give me work so I can earn a paycheck as soon as possible. Why? They said they don't want to lose me to another job.

Go figure.

God is awesome, isn't He??
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