Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Things I will not miss

Moving day is Saturday, and as my time in this dwelling is quickly drawing to a close, I thought I would take the next few blog entries to write about the more remarkable moments of my seven years in my parent's nicely finished basement.

Among the many things I will not miss about living here, this "ucky bug" pictured below is probably among the most prominent:

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These disgusting creatures are camel crickets. I only just learned today what they are called. How timely, wouldn't you say? Anyway, these creatures have terrorized me for the last several months, and because I did not know what they were (and had a heck of a time finding out), I did not know how to get rid of them. My solution? Upon seeing one, I would grab my trusty Clorox Clean-Up, and douse the vile beast with it, watching gleefully as it died.

So, how did a two inch long insect terrorize a full grown woman? Well, to begin with, I am not a fan of bugs at all. There are some I can tolerate better than others, but overall, I prefer they just leave me alone. If they are outside, I will leave them alone, too. If they are in my house, they are fair game for Clorox treatment.

Anyway, as I began to tell you, they would often terrorize me by showing up in my shower. My dad recently put in a new shower, and I am happy to say they have not been fond of it. However, in my old shower, it was nothing to find two or three of them in there every morning. I got into the habit of checking the shower before I would step into it, usually by opening the door and standing back, lest one of the disgusting things jumped out. And they are excellent jumpers, by the way. I've seen them jump as far as 18 inches in one leap.

As though the shower were not enough, they would often walk nonchalantly through the hallway near the bathroom, as though they had the right to be there. I am in the habit now of turning on the lights and checking the hallway and the bathroom before going in. I cannot tell you how much these little things have kept me on my guard all this time. It's rather amusing, when I think about it. But, most of the time, I prefer not to think about it, and just kill them when I see them.

They only like to stay on one side of the apartment, that being the side of the apartment that is actually in the ground as any proper basement should be. That side of the apartment is where my bathroom and my bedroom are. My kitchen, living room, and...whatever...room are happily camel cricket free, because they are above the ground and therefore do not offer the dark dampness that camel crickets adore.

Blasted things...I am looking forward to having an upstairs apartment, where camel crickets, in all their disgusting glory, will not dwell. I am sure there will be other things to contend with, but surely nothing so horrifying to me as these dreadful things. Right at this moment, I feel like they are everywhere, and I'm afraid to get out of my seat to go to bed. It is after nightfall, and this is when the little beasts become most active.

Only four more nights here. Thank God.

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