Sunday, October 01, 2006

Just Some Stuff

So, the last few days have been interesting. Interesting in that they were extreme highs, no extreme lows. Just smooth sailing. And, a regularly scheduled visitor...which may explain a lot. I think there are meds you can take to regulate your moods in relation to this regularly scheduled visitor. I tend to go into a steady downward spiral in the week prior, and that pattern seems to become more extreme the older I get. Maybe it's time to get some help.


I spent the day with my family today, and it went remarkably well. Sometimes, visiting with the family is stressful, but it wasn't bad today. I really enjoyed spending time with my niece, who seems to be just a little taller every time I see her. She is also talking quite well, speaking in complete and very intelligible sentences, and I am having a lot of fun having conversations with her. Today, she was asking for horsey rides, and neither her mom nor her Oma felt up to it. So, my little 2 and a half year old niece comes over to me and says, "Auntie, will you give me a horsey ride? Momma won't do it." That child is definitely well-spoken. She constantly amazes me. I don't remember what life was like before God gave us Heidi, but I can tell you that, these days, that child is the light of my life.

My apartment is looking more inviting these days, thanks to the addition of a table and chairs, and a kitchen island. Leonard and I put the island together last night, and it was SO EASY! lol...Really, it wasn't that bad, and the addition of the island gives me a lot more counter space and storage. Thanks, Leonard! And, by the way, I did end up putting down the extension, after I came thisclose to hitting my hip on it as I passed through the kitchen. :)

Anyway, this weekend has been wonderfully...normal. I am feeling almost human today.

Isn't it funny how life gets so busy with its demands and whatnot that we look forward to this "normal" that you referred to...I think God made us with this built in homeostasis, this desire for normal in our lives. It's quite interesting and encouraging when I think about it. Thanks for sharing with us!
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