Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Boys

So, there is a new show on TBS called "My Boys", about a girl whose friends are all guys. From what I can gather, the gist of the show is that "sometimes the line between love and friendship is a little blurred". I have not watched the show, but from the previews I've seen, I have to say...PJ (the girl on the show) has nothin' on me. MY BOYS rock!

Most of my friends are male. In fact, my best friend is male. I tend to spend any free Saturday nights I have hangin' out with "my boys", watching movies, talking, laughing about life...etc...And my boys have never treated me with anything other than the utmost respect, never seeking to compromise me or our relationship by blurring the lines between love and friendship. My boys respect my femininity, and have shown me what it means to have a healthy relationship with men...helping to ensure I will never again make the mistakes I've made in past relationships by settling for less than the best. Above all else, "my boys" love Jesus, and that makes all the difference.

When I first saw the commercials for this tv show, I it really that unusual for a girl to have a bunch of guys as her closest friends? I'm not sure that in itself is unusual. From the world's perspective, though, it is unusual for men and women to be friends, and to respect and protect the relationship by establishing boundaries. (See "Friends", "Seinfeld", or any number of other sitcoms for shining examples of how the world blurs these boundaries. For that matter, see some real life relationships...). I am so thankful that the friendships I have with these men in my life are pure, and that we each have an equal interest in maintaining that purity. I am also thankful that these friendships have brought so much light and joy and laughter into my life...we don't need someone to write a script for us. Our Saturday nights may not make for riveting tv, but I can promise you, they do make for fun and pure fellowship, with no regrets or blurred lines.

Take that, TBS. :)

I used to have a crowd like that. I still have great friends, but I will always remember the old days at CLG when I learned how precious Christian male friendship was. Enjoy your Saturday nights!
OK ladies, you heard Steff, now Leonard needs all the friends he can get and he wont mind if you go ahead and blur the lines cause he's desperate for friends, so be sure to give him a call Saturday night, oh heck maybe you should call em right now...Look at it as a ministry opportunity....
Hey Leonard, you should probably post your phone number if you want the ladies to call you.

But here's an case the comments received on this page were not a clear enough indication, I do not have a lot of readers here. lol You and JustPat are my only faithful readers, so I'm not sure how great a response you're going to get. If you would like, though, I could post your phone number on other blogs, with a quote from your desperate plea written above. :)
I will not dignify that remark with a comment, oh and you have more readers than you think. wait did I just dignify that remark with a comment...... Doh!!!
Yes you did...Ha!

Do my readers have a fan club or something? How is it that you know how many readers I have, and I don't???????
These friends of yours seem like a real swell bunch of guys. I'm sure they appreciate you just as much as you do them.
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