Saturday, March 10, 2007

The New Guy

Way too tired to write too much...but this photo is too good not to share. We call it "Sushi Drunk Love". He introduced me to sushi, and I introduced him to my camera phone, and I do not think I've ever seen a picture of two people more happy to be with each other and sushi.

Hey, lookin' good! Haven't ever tried sushi, per say but I hear its tasty. Glad to see you smiling and a little "smitten". :)
Rn't U 2 kewl! :) Does he know about your 2 overly protective brothers who love their sister Stephanie soooooooooooo much? Haha :)
He met one of my overly protective brothers last Sunday. My other overly protective brother was out of town. ;)

No worries, will have another opportunity to meet and intimidate him, I'm sure. haha
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