Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Damage Control

A couple of weeks ago, Harold and I went to see the movie "Premonition". The movie itself was mediocre at best, although the company was supremely wonderful. However, even with such a mediocre movie, I did gain some insight that I'd like to share.

In the movie, Sandra Bullock's character experiences a premonition of her husband's tragic death. After a strange series of events, she realizes that time is not operating on a continuum, and she is able to alter the events leading to his death. With this empowering realization, she puts into motion a chain of events that will surely thwart the impending death of her husband, and change the outcome of the story.

Frantically, she begins putting together the pieces of the bizarre puzzle, changing what she can, undoing the future she has seen. Finally the moment comes when she believes she holds the power to rescue her husband from the horrific car accident that claims his life. In fact, as the plot unfolds, it is her very actions that place him in harm's way, and ultimately cost him his life. Helplessly, she looks on as she sees the horrific scene play out, and her efforts to prevent it end in terrible tragedy. Her very efforts at damage control were the thing that cost her the thing she loved dearest in all the world.

I wonder how often I do this in my own life. I see a glimpse of a future that is frightening, beyond my control, exploding in all-consuming flames of the unknown. I see this, and I go into a frenzied mode of doing damage control. I begin making decisions, putting plans in motion, doing all I can do to avoid the doomed future I saw as my fears took over. As my plans begin to unfold, and ultimately unravel, I stand helplessly and watch as the very things I try to avoid become my waking nightmare.

I am certain that I am not the only one who does this. I think we are all consumed by our fears now and then, whether it is in the small, day-to-day grind of life, or the bigger things that we are convinced will ultimately derail the course of our lives.

One interesting point was made in the movie...Sandra Bullock's character asked her priest why she was given that premonition. The priest told her that such premonitions often came to those who lacked faith, who had no belief in something greater than themselves who ultimately held their destiny, no hope in what they could not see.


I like your insight....

I don't know if you remember me...I'm the friend of Patty's (JustPat) that was on my way to have Gastric Bypass Surgery....

You commented on my sight once...

Anyway...I had Lap RNY nearly one year ago...actually my one yr. anniversary is a week away - I've lost 143#'s...and you were has changed my life!

Thanks for your encouragement in my early pre-op days...those were tough...but I made it thru.

Just thought I'd drop you a note!

BTW: Pop on my blog to see my progress...lots of befores & afters...
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