Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm home, but still a patient

I arrived home from the hospital around 5:30 yesterday evening. I hobbled into my apartment as quickly as I could, so eager to see my sweet baby. When I walked in, he was sleeping, so after a few minutes of talking with my dear friends who watched him for me, I went in to peek at him. I said hello, and as soon as I did, he began to stir. I ached to pick him up, and he reached for me as he woke up and found his bearings. I still have thirty staples in my belly and strict weight limitations on what I can lift (which he exceeds by about 12 pounds), I called for my mom to come get him. As he woke up, he smiled at me, but did not seem overly excited to see me. It took him a couple of hours to warm up to me again. I think he was upset with me for leaving him for nearly three whole days. I don't blame him.

I am still in a significant amount of pain. This surgery has been considerably more difficult that the last one, perhaps because my body has been through so much since. Radiation therapy, side effects of radiation therapy, pregnancy, childbirth...all of which worked together nicely to weaken my body for this go around with the scalpel. I've had a difficult time staying ahead of the pain, and that became evident quickly while I was in OR recovery. After three doses of IV painkillers, each of which caused my heart rate to drop but did nothing to drop my level of pain, I was put on a pump, allowing me to get the medication myself whenever I needed it (not exceeding a prescribed limit, of course), and only then did my pain level begin to drop.

While in the hospital, I was not able to be nearly as mobile as I was with my last surgery, as each walk hurt terribly. However, I was able to get a lot more rest than I did last time, and that felt wonderful. It was a very pleasant exchange.

My surgery went well, my stay in the hospital was as well as can be expected, and I am glad to be home. I'm counting down the days until I can pick up my little one again...only six to go! I long to snuggle him close and it's all I can do not to pick him up. That is, until I consider the searing pain I would surely experience if I did so, then it becomes easier to wait. Oh, and the possibility of ending up back in the thanks!

Pain meds are kicking in, and it will be back to bed soon.

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